Oct 202009

Fun today. Lots of tasks, all get done. Customer happy… so far.

Lunch was outstanding: had a fishball ramen with a tasty dried fish topping. In the evening I got recommended to the lau pa sat a food court with more than 100 stalls. After having there my first dinner – a sliced fish soup with rice – I can imagine going there on a regular base. It is tasty, I love the variety of food and it is still unbelievably cheap.

I really like Singapore, it is clean, seems to be very safe and organized. My colleague just made fun the only thing you miss here is some suprise and challenge in your life. He told me also about the new sense for ecology and planting in an area 4 million trees over the next four years. In the next days I will have some more leisure time and then I will explore the public transport system and some area which is outside the current discovered area.

On my way back I took some photos. Again it is night, again there are a lot of buildings.

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