Oct 112009

Still struggeling getting my Samsung SyncMaster P2370 working via DVI on a MacBook Pro. I just came across this article, a guy named Justin Ball had the same issue like I have: an external monitor doesn’t get recognized when connected via DVI. The DVI cable shipped with my monitor is a single DVI cable. Today I got a dual link DVI cable … and guess what it still doesn’t work :(

Right now I tried a Dell XPS 1730 running on Vista connected via DVI, my old MacBook being connected via Mini DVI to DVI and my MacBook Pro – both DVI cables single link DVI and dual link DVI didn’t work. I’ve spent now about 60 Euros on extras and still don’t have a working system. It’s so disappointing. All try-outs had in common that the screen kept being black. Although the MacBook at least recognized that there was a screen attached it didn’t bother to show anything.

Google doesn’t help at all this time, i found a few resources but none of them helped. So I don’t know if it is related to the monitor or to the cables, especially as the DVI to VGA cable is working… These following posts contain similar problems:

Now I am being totally confused and wonder why all our hardware (some MacBooks, a Lenovo, a Dell and another PC running Vista, XP and Mac OS Tiger and Leopard) refused to work with the monitor. WTF?

Current status:
I gave up and reconnected the VGA cable again :(

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