Nov 012009

On Saturday I met Bee Hoon again. We met at Orchard road, had a quick brunch – a so so version of Nasi Lemak – and enjoyed then the Botanic Gardens, especially I liked the National Orchid Gardens and the Rain Forest area. It was unbelievably hot and humid, Bee Hoon took care of me and brought a hat. After walking around for hours (and giving each plant a photo shooting) we went by bus near to burgis street and walked along the shopping malls. Bee Hoon started to feed me, got me

  • a Durian – a local fruit with a strong smell and a unique taste. the texture is a bit like avocado, it is similar creamy but flavor and taste are completely different. Never had something close to this before.
  • a Pulasan – a fruit which reminded me a bit to lychee
  • Laksa – a tasty soup with noodles, coconut, cockles, fish, prawns – tasty
  • a sourish, salty milk drink. The name I forgot, Jimmy didn’t know either.
  • Mua chi – basically made of glutinous rice flour dough covered with peanuts and sugar, i only knew the Japanese version so far.
  • something the name i forgot – tasty but very filling. It is also made with glutinous rice but with chili, mushrooms and chicken. Apparently I just asked Bee Hoon what the old woman was selling, and she meant I need to try it because I am going to leave soon. To be honest, I didn’t even recognize that woman was selling food.
  • Japanese ice cream made of macha tea, mochi, water chestnuts and red beans. Sweet, cold and way to much.

It started raining heavily and I was just tired. So we skipped the night safari and I went straight back to bed. It was a great day. Thanks, Bee Hoon!

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Nov 012009

Friday… after a short night and a long working day I just wanted to return to the hotel and sleep. A text from Jimmy convinced me to get some food and have a short walk. So I asked the taxi driver to bring me to a restaurant where I have been last week, he didn’t know the address, so I picked another one: the Peach Garden, a chinese restaurant located in the 33rd floor in the OCBC building. It was a bit pricey but hey – I was aware that I am going to pay for the view. So I celebrated the end of the week with a 3 course dinner: pork cubes with mustard, steamed rice with vegetables, abalone and sea cucumber and a coconut dessert combined with a glass of fine australian chardonnay. A while ago – in San Francisco back in April this year – I went for Dinner with Min and had abalone for the very first time. Min said it wasn’t good, when I asked Jimmy he said it is not available in Ireland. So I took my chance. Abalone is tasty. Definitively worth trying it. I am not too sure about the sea cucumber. Having only chop sticks holding this slippery creature wasn’t fun. I don’t know if I liked the texture. I might give it another try if it is served differently. The dessert… I just asked for a recommendation… I got fresh coconut containing jelly made of its own juice. It was gorgeous. I wanted to share it with everybody around. I consider it being the best dessert ever I have eaten so far. Needless to say that the view over the town was amazing, too.

When I was leaving I decided to walk around a bit the area which a I had seen from the restaurant and then taking the MRT back to the hotel. I walked down to clarke quay and boots quay, looking at all the buildings, the lights, enjoying the atmosphere. I was walking towards to the Singapore Flyer. I was afraid that it was closed already because the wheel didn’t seem to spin around. When I arrived I recognized it was still open – it was slowely moving. So I took one round lasting 35 minutes. As it was almost closing time the place wasn’t crowdy at all and I shared the cabin with only four other persons. The look was amazing. I saw the harbour, the airport, the city skyline. As it was moving that slowly I could walk around and enjoy every bit. I loved the view at night. Sunset must be amazing, too but I am afraid people will queue up a lot for that. When I was finished it was almost 11. I decided to take a taxi back to the hotel until I saw the long queue on the taxi stand. I couldn’t take a bus either because I forgot to take the paper with the hotel address … so I walked to the Merlion and rested there for a while. I continued walking along the beach and when I heard some chill music I decided to go for a Singapore Sling. Unfortunately the restaurant had good music, a good selection of european wines but not the desired cocktail. Now being really tired I just wanted to get back to bed. I took the MRT for one station. When I came out the heavy rain proved that this was the right decision.

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