Nov 052009

I consider the evening yesterday as the best I had all stay, food-wise, company-wise, work-wise, weather-wise, everything…

I met up with Jacqueline’s sisters Bee Hoon and Bee Bee for having a chili crab close to their place. We had a tasty dinner, loads of fun and went finally to a fruit shop to eat all the local fruits. I can’t believe that I have to leave tomorrow evening!

I forgot the dinner place’s name, it was close to Aljunied MRT station. There were loads of aquariums with fish, shell fish and some creatures I haven’t seen before. There was also a cage with frogs, for frog legs Bee Hoon said. I didn’t ask for the turtles, initially i thought they were decoration. We had chili crab, pepper crab, garlic prawns, some vegetable with cuttle fish, buns and a light dessert (sour sop), we started with a coconut drink, later we had some local beer, too. Stopping at the fruit store we had durain and three other fruits which names I forgot. Gosh, I can’t believe to return to Ireland – and to the local food there :(

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