Nov 122009

I was so close to loose all my data due to a broken hard drive in the mac. I just recognized I am not even aware of which Firefox plugins I installed. So here a list for me and for you and for everyone to not forget ;)

  • Ad Block Plus: Essential to get rid of all those annoying pop ups and banners. Every now and so often I use Chrome and then I am shocked how different some of the pages look. A must-have! [link]
  • Delicious Bookmarks: Easy access to all bookmarks and one button for tagging pages. If you have a Delicious account another must-have for you. [link]
  • Faviconize Tabs: I love it. I am used to have lots of tabs open. I hate scrolling for tabs. Faviconize allows you to define pattern which tabs get reduced to their favicon. It allows wildcards, so I set it e. g. for “http://**” etc. Very nice. [link]
  • Google Gears: it is required for Gmail offline, Greader offline, WordPress has some weird support for it – if you are using gears supported sites you should go for it. [link]
  • Omnibar: I love it! It unifies the search box and the address bar as you might know it from chromium.  [link]
  • Read it later: If you don’t have time for now but definitively want to go through something read it later is perfect. You just tag a page and it gets into your read it later list. This one can be sync’d between computers. The only disadvantage is: there is no later… [link]
  • Scribefire: That’s the tool which I use to write all my blog entries. I like it because it is an easy to use blog client. There are a few things which could be better, such as picture upload, tag management, additional commands for posting etc. But for now it is fine. [link]
  • Tab Mix Plus: Advanced tab management, a better-than-the-built-in session management, 3 tabs for open tabs. Quite nice to have. [link]

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Nov 122009

Jimmy cooked. It was so tasty. A special version of tom yum sup containing:

  • water (yes!)
  • lemon grass
  • lemon
  • lime
  • oysters
  • scallops
  • clams
  • carrot
  • chili and soya bean paste and oil
  • rice noodles
  • fired tofu
  • gluten balls
  • coriander leaves

all put together in a tasty soup. I *loved* it.

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Nov 122009

From the looks of it I am going to San Francisco in February again. Yeah! When I was adding this trip to Dopplr I just saw that they also allow an automatic blog posting about trips. I activated it. I won’t travel the next two weeks so I will be surprised whatever will happen early december when I will be starting my trip to Frankfurt, Germany.

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Nov 122009

This article is about how Frau Klein deals with a dying hard drive in her new macbook pro having time pressure of finishing up a project. the ongoing head -> wall, swearing and screaming isn’t documented here ;)

Symptoms: The mac used to freeze for a few seconds every now and again. Since I am back home it increased dramatically: every half an hour it froze for half a minute and in between every so often.

What happened? I was looking in to the system.log using the  Console and found for each freeze a Disk I/O error. Panicing around I used Disk Utility to check the HDD, the tool lied and said everything is ok. I also executed it from the install CD with the same result. A hardware check was successful too.

Backing up the system: As the duration and count of freezes increased I used one of my external HDD to backup everything via time machine which worked out fine. As I haven’t used it before I don’t know what gets backed up and which applications or configurations I might loose, so I also used Carbon Copy Cloner to backup everything to another drive. CCC complained about unreadable files – and proofed so my concern that the HDD is dying. I hope I can create a bootable external disc to be able to finish my project before I fix the mac. For that I formatted an external 320 GB device as bootable disc using disk utility:

  • In Disk Utility click on the external drive (the manufacturer’s info line but not a specific partition) and click on the Partition tab.
  • choose the Options button and select GUID partition table (needed for booting on an Intel Mac) and click OK
  • Click on the Volume Scheme, and choose 1 partition from the drop-down list
  • Click the Format drop-down, and choose Mac OS Extended (journaled)
  • Name your drive and click the Partition button.

Then I started CCC, choosed the source drive (deselected some folders) and the target drive and clicked on clone. It takes about 2 h to clone 100 GB.

Finishing work: Once, the cloning is done I restart the mac using the USB drive by opening System preferences, choosing Start up device and then selecting my backup device.

Now I try to finish my work before I care about fixing the machine.

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