Nov 162009

I just took some time to play with google wave. it is quite nice, impressive when you think it is just an alpha version released a few weeks ago. It is not really useful for IM’ing, but I like its asynchronous group chat features. I am curious where it is going and how it is changing the way of communication. I haven’t discovered most of the available extensions… It will be fun to play with.

There were a few annoying things .. there is no undo, today I accidentally added a contact instead of aunt rosie, unfortunately i couldn’t remove the contact. There is nothing like an admin role to remove members of a wave. I also couldn’t delete entries – deleting a comment still let appear again in the replay. I want to be able to remove entries permanently! Anyways, sorry, Ian!

More gadgets I have installed Waver (found here) and Waveboard as Mac desktop clients – so far I don’t see an advantage to the browser view. Also installed the firefox google wave addon (found here). It appears as icon in the status bar i am not entirely sure if it works at all – the notifications I should see don’t appear. I also connected google wave to twitter there should be every now and again a notification.

I also used aunt rosie for translation – the German to English and English to German translation didn’t really convince me: “lust auf ein bier irgendwann mal nach der arbeit?” got to “lust for a beer at some time after the operation?” – brrh.

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