Nov 032009

Today I found my way to Vivo City. Now I understand John who said “In Singapore [he] learned to love shopping”. No worries, it is still me. I didn’t really go for shopping. I was just searching for the recommended food republic food hawker. I don’t know how I ended up being on the roof – the view from there was amazing! I was already excited about a colourful enlightened building on the top of a hill before I turned around and saw the harbor! I couldn’t stop looking at it. The whole roof of vivo city is an organic architecture with lots of water and exactly the amount of people a frau klein can deal with these days. Not abandoned and not crowdy. I enjoyed walking around there and stopping at every other place .. i loved the silence, the wind and the atmosphere. I really can imagine living here (accompanied).

For dinner I got some cantonese food which I consider almost as bad as the cockroach dinner. Later I got some coconut cake which was interesting to see how it was made, looked nice but was not my kind of liking. Anyways. Pictures attached.

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