Feb 082010

After all the hassle yesterday today was just perfect. I had a Sunday out with some nice girls from work going to Napa valley for enjoying ourselves, wine tasting and having fun. Jacqueline did all the planning and as usual it was just perfect. I don’t quite got it though how she managed the perfect weather. Sunny, not too warm, blue sky and beautiful clouds. I haven’t seen so much colors in nature… well… since I moved over to Ireland. We went all day by car. The green grass, the blue sky, yellow flowers, white clouds – the scenery looked like being painted instead of being real. I enjoyed looking out of the car’s window and trying to compare it with the wine yards in Provence I saw some years ago.

We started with a Champagne tasting at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Wineyards having some local, tasty brie and french baguette. We were sitting outside on a balcony looking over the vineyards. I tried myself a glass of Carneros CuvĂ©e which was tasty and maybe the best wine I tried during the day. 

From there we went for lunch to a place called the girl and the fig. There I enjoyed a cheese selection with some dried fruit and nuts and duck confit with potato hash. Both shared with Jacqueline, and I had a glass of Fig Royal :) From there we drove a bid through the area. When one of the local girls left we decided to do a few more wine tastings, first at Black Stallion and later we stopped at Rutherford Hill.In black Stallion we met an Irish woman serving us local wines. We tried their Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvingnon and the North Coast Muscat. I liket the Pinot most…the rest was tasty but not really my liking. I mostly enjoyed there my british english lesson. While I was saying the first wine we tried was even worse, Caroline just mentioned the second one was better but didn’t wow her either. Fun stuff :)

The guys at Rutherford were a bit disturbing especially when they started dancing. And seriously, I *hate* coming in somewhere far away from Germany and listening to Nena’s 99 Luftballons… WTF? They wanted to close up soon so they invited us for a free wine tasting of several wines. I tried some of them – Sangiovese, a Petit Verdot and a Terlato Devils’ Peak – but there wasn’t anything outstanding either. Arriving at Mumm we just saw them closing up so we went the way back to San Francisco while enjoying the colorful sun set.

I quickly did some shopping, got replacement head phones and my own eye-fi card and a bit more stuff. When I got back to the hotel I run in a colleague who was just arriving. I quickly changed my room, then we went out for a light dinner to meet up the others. It was funny seeing all those broken faces from the jet lagged Europeans. Today it was also the first time that I got praised for existence – apparently me joining the team decreased the long distance travel rate for all the locals here.

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