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Following blogs like I hate Ryanair, Air Observer’s blog and some other random rants about that company, having myself some unpleasant experiences on certain flights in the past didn’t let me look forward to my today’s Ryanair flight to Stansted. I must say though it wasn’t as bad as expected. I tell you why…

Ryanair can be cheaper… at least when you have to book a return flight on a day the day before you go. Ryanair offered the cheapest rate compared to its competitors. It was still a rip off – but compared to the others the smallest one.

Ryanair can be on time – well… or not. My return flight landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule – I definitively loved that. The outbound flight was 10 minutes late which I don’t consider being an issue.

It mustn’t be an issue that Ryanair is landing close by the city you want to reach. The fast train between Stansted and London City Center takes about 45 minutes and less than 30 Pounds. Nothing to complain by me – the Heathrow express is about 16 GBP and takes 15 minutes, the tube from Heathrow is way cheaper but also takes 40 minutes.

Basically my conclusion for today’s flight is: Flying with Ryanair is like driving an old intercity bus. They don’t have any features, they are a bit annoying, they don’t clean up between flights, it is an impressively quick turn over (in the morning the plane has been on the gates for a bit more than half an hour only), there is no service, no comfort and most likely I get sick after an hour. I refused the past year flying with Ryanair at all and took even longer travel
times just to avoid the crappy company. Having no other choice yesterday
causing my today’s experience let’s me weakens my objections: If I have to fly on a short notice to a near-enough destination, no luggage, a printer for printing out my boarding passes, an EU passport and .. most important of all: a pair of sound isolating earphones, which almost mute everything
outside (e. g. advertisements and announcements) I might consider going again with Ryanair in future.

Regarding to the headphones: I couldn’t avoid the
fanfare after landing, and I had to follow the security instructions.
Besides from that no noise reached my ear. Yeah! Shure for the win!

Just for your note… this experience run under hard conditions: after a 16h day followed by 3 h sleep I got up and left home without having a cup of coffee, got crappy food in the airport, no coffee until I was sitting in the train. In that mood I rather tend to declare war to companies than to experience less hate.

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