Apr 152010

How to explain a 5 year old that we will arrive 2 days later because a Volcano in Iceland exploded?

My flight tomorrow morning got canceled, now I hope to fly out on Saturday evening. The trend looks scary where the dust cloud goes, I hope I can fly out at all, otherwise I might have to move my Dresden trip.

Looking at the meteorologic maps I am not too convinced this is actually going to be happen.

(latest map)

(map from yesterday)

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  3 Responses to “Why will Frau Klein arrive later in Dresden, if at all.”

  1. [...] Instead of sitting in the plane with Jimmy this morning I got up around 6.30am to meet up with Jose and Dermot to queue up for Iron Maiden tickets. Sadly we have been the entire queue for 2 hours. The expected high demand didn’t happen at all. Close to 9am the shop owner arrived telling us that his ticket printing machine is broken and we have to go somewhere else. While we were running we called our significant others to give them instructions what to order where. Eventually we arrived at the other shop, no queue whatsoever. The shop got opened, when we entered we got a call that all our tickets has been ordered online – no issue to get them online this time. WTF. [...]

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