May 292010

Yesterday I decided to get a mobile contract basically to get rid of all the hassle regarding roaming in UK. Even though I passionately hate them I eventually ended up with 3, from what I know there is no other provider offering a comparable package. When I got to the shop I was asking for Android devices and laid my eyes on a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and couldn’t take them off the phone anymore. It seemed to be quite neat…

I just went outside and searched for some reviews
and opinions,
a quick read through them proofed, that I was going to get an awesome
device. I got it and spend basically the day playing with it. I also had
pretty good experience with Sony’s P910
– the first smart phone worth to mention. Maybe the only – really odd
fact about it is that it is still running on Android 1.6 – a migration
to 2.1 will happen in autumn this year.

Due to a lack of food in the fridge we had to go shopping and so it happened that we accidentally run into google boy with whom I got lost into a device + tools + gadget chat. Most interesting service he introduced me was the Google Latitude Dashboard, once having enabled location history one can track his trips and locations and analyze these. A bit too much Big Brother-ish for Jimmy’s liking, but nevertheless interesting.

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  1. It is indeed a great phone. Hopefully, you are enjoying it.

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