Jun 142010

I will have finished my around the world trip in 2 weeks time. What I didn’t pay attention before is the time zone differences and possible affects to me. In San Francisco I was 8 h behind Dublin, in Tokyo I am 8 h ahead, it’s 16h difference to San Francisco and i crossed the international date line yesterday. I refuse to think about which time would it be now in San Francisco or Dublin – just to not allow my body to recognize anything else but “day” and “night” “here” – meaning where ever I am.

This results into some funny conversation with boyfriend: what date is it for you? – Apparently one day earlier – also I am not sure when to say good night and when to say good morning. These things are not too tragic anyway. My epic fail I had last night – I was tired and went about 10 pm to bed, my alarm started at 7.15 and I didn’t feel awake at all. I tried to convince myself to get up which eventually happened at 8.15. I was surprised that I was so tired after 9h sleep, I wondered not too much why it was dark outside. Then I recognized on other devices different times, mostly showing it was around midnight. I got confused and pinged back to boy friend who confirmed that midnight it was. Apparently I forgot to adjust my alarm device to the current time zone. Fail.

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