Jun 132010

My lazy evening caused by early departure tomorrow got spoiled by a fire alarm in the hotel. Something like this never happened to me before so I grabbed my computer and mobile and wanted to proceed downstairs. Then I thought for a moment, traveling out tomorrow would require some basics, so I quickly packed my bag, put wallet, passport and a few more essentials in it… Suddenly realizing that I am in the 11th floor and better should proceed downstairs. So I picked my jumper and got to the stairs. When I reached floor 5 I ran into some elderly ladies and a families with two young children in their sleeping suits, they didn’t seem to understand what just happened. Then the announcement changed and we got informed that it was a false alarm. After confirmation I turned around and walked back upstairs. Not sure if I behaved correctly what are essentials to get when getting downstairs? Theoretically only life matters and the rest is replaceable, but not being able to identify myself or to not to have a credit card to cover my expenses. Also loosing data and work effort scares me.

I am glad that everything went fine and nothing really happened. I wonder if I should reconsider my room preferences. From top floor it’s a long way down…

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