Feb 212011

On Saturday I eventually got out of the hotel and booked a taxi to go to Kuala Lumpur, the capitol of Malaysia. As it is very hot and humid I didn’t plan on much outdoor activities.

Instead of queuing for the Sky Bridge between the Petronas Towers I followed a recommendation and went to the KL Tower in the morning. So no queue for me. I got a perfect 360° view over the city. When finished upstairs, I went downstairs and found a sculpture – unfortunately without further information. I could relate quickly to it, the metal sculpture in front of the rain forest seemed to be as mis-placed as me in the middle of the day in sunny tropical weather. There was an exhibition of architecture close by where traditional houses from all over Malaysia were shown. Accidentally I ran into a show introducing the audience to traditional dancing. From there I quickly walked to the rain forest entrance. Apparently this is the only piece of original rain forest left in Malaysia, the rest got destroyed and reforested again in the past decades. I didn’t expect this in the middle of the town which is so modern. Apparently a part of the building got build around a tree to protect and preserve this rare plant for future generations. As I did not have any mosquito spray with me and already lost liters of blood to those little bastards I decided to do only a quick look and not do the guided walk through it. From there I went to KLCC, to discover modern Malaysia. I tried my luck but as expected all tickets for the sky bridge and observation deck were already sold out, so I walked a bit through the shopping center – which was quite impressive. All brands you’d think of had their store there, even the Louis Vuitton with the red carpet and doorman ;) I went to the signature food court and had a surprisingly good lunch considering that this was from a fast food place and incredibly cheap. As usually I looked for the stall with the longest queue and picked a random dish, Nasi Lemak with spicy chicken. There was also a small exhibition about product designs from Europe – mostly German and French artists. There were some interesting objects; my favorite item was a broom in shape of a scythe; that was somewhat ironic I instantly thought of a couple of comic strips (Der Pudel des Todes) [de] I’ve seen before. From there I followed another recommendation and got to Batu Caves. There was a big Golden Statue in the front, a holy place for Buddhists. I climbed all 277 stairs up to the cave. As there was sun, hot weather and I kinda hoped to find something impressive up there. And I did. It was the largest stalactite cave I have seen so far, there was also a temple and some small procession. I was told when there is a religious festival there are a million people (sic) up there. After that I got back to the hotel and enjoyed some fresh fruits on my veranda – pink dragon fruits and a mango.

I took a lot of photos that day but then I did something stupid. I wanted to hide the photos I didn’t want to publish, but I deleted them instead and so most of the pictures are gone as I didn’t find undo or the trash can. The few of them which survived are available on flickr.


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Feb 202011

the last weeks i had a lot of intense dreams, some of them kept me switching between sleeping and being awake. today i woke up at 10 and all i could think was WTF. Being hunted by zombies all night it takes a bit to get acquainted to a morning in a Malaysian bungalow overseeing nature and a fountain…

I had a weird dream about apocalypse. first we were hunted by some police organization and i was hijacking boats and planes just to get not killed, then, when trying to kickoff a plane which starts from water the hunt changed, there were two sorts of people hunting. and so hunters got hunted, too by zombies. yeah.. i dreamed of zombies taking over the world. however, they were much more aesthetic than the zombies you know from tv, they had black eyeballs and they weren’t dead, they also did not suck brains. they just assimilated others and then you were screwed. thankfully they were easy to kill. when the hunt changed into running away from zombies there was a rumor that in ca. 2 days running to the north there was a safe place, so we did. unfortunately, when jumping into a pond our third member got assimilated, we killed a few zombies additionally to those who were in the way and kept running. arrived in the north there were a couple of towns, and when it turned night we needed to hide in the left houses, there were beds containing sarcophagus where we usually slept. but then the next night in another town we discovered a potentially additional enemy. there humans, safe and machines (to be clearly mostly kitchen utensils) were the main supply for everything. just as an example, when i discovered the machines, a group of people living there demonstrated that the machine could turn a potato (and everything else) into something different. The first demonstration was turning a potato into a chopped apple. I didn’t believe and so I let turn an old shoe into foie gras. Looked a bit different but the flavors were ok. the scary part there was that humans seemed to be grateful and totally dependent on the machines. No fears about zombies, no feeling of dependency.

Then I woke up, realized it was 10AM and run down to the breakfast. So, basically I dreamed a mixture of zombies, terminator and wall-e. Big WTF.

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