Mar 222012

I just found out how to do youtube on a PS3. Just simply go to internet search and search for This opens youtube in a specific, maximized view which is perfect for display and navigation on PS3. Sweet. I guess husband and I will watch W. W. Young’s silent movie Alice in Wonderland from 1915 later on the big screen :)

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Mar 042012

I haven’t used org-mode in the past few months and when I was using it this week the PDF export was broken. Instead of getting a PDF output I got this error

LaTeX Error: File `wrapfig.sty’ not found.x

As I haven’t changed anything regarding emacs nor org-mode installation it took me a while to figure how to solve it. I have org-mode installed via mac ports, I might have done a port upgrade outdated at some point and this might have caused the issue. Now, how did I get it working again?

  • sudo port selfupdate :: I haven’t touched macports in a while.
  • sudo port upgrade org-mode :: I upgraded org-mode hoping that this would solve it. I got a minor upgrade (7.0.2 -> 7.0.3), the error still occured.
  • sudo port upgrade texlive-latex-extra :: this is the file that supposedly contains all the missing file. 
  • sudo texhash :: to rebuild TeX-inputfiles-database
  • changing my emacs configuration :: I added the line (require ‘org-latex) in the ~/.emacs file and restarted emacs.

That did do the job, now the PDF export runs again. Jippieh!

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