Aug 242012

I’m usually using mysql, today for a test i had to use Postgres. I’m fairly happy how smooth everything went, as it was mainly verifying a database creation and setup. Here the little things I needed to do.

  • download and install I won’t use postgres regularly and I don’t want to have it autostarting or deeply integrated in my system. 
  • add postgress path to ~/.profile, all you need is export PATH=/Applications/$PATH. Otherwise an older, macos-native postgres client will be used.
  • open postgres console from terminal using psql -h localhost
  • create user create user <usr> WITH password ‘<pwd>’ CREATEDB;
  • make user super user alter user <usr> with superuser;
  • list existing databases \list
  • drop a database drop database <db>;
    • in case of error: “ERROR:  database “<db>” is being accessed by other users”
    • run select procpid from pg_stat_activity where datname=’<db>‘; to get a list of process ids that are accessing the database.
    • in terminal run kill <pid> for all processes out of the list provided by the statement above
  • exit postgres console with \q.

This is all I need for my test environment.


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