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Feb 082012

My blog got quite slow recently, and I think even though the “recently shared” posts generated lots of traffic I didn’t really like them being mixed up with content generated by me. I also got tired of the layout. I haven’t done any recent updates so that was required at some point too and finally… I got incredibly bored in Pforzheim, Germany.

I removed a couple of static pages:

  • As Google has removed the google reader sharing and google+ just made me tired of virtual social networks I moved the Just Read tab into old stuff.
  • Husband has now multiple blogs and I guess people should follow him directly.

I removed other page integrations

  • I removed all the share and social network stuff. If you like my post and want to share it just copy the URL. Main reasons for that decision is site performance and the unlikelihood of re-sharing of already shared content.
  • Sadly I haven’t earned anything on flattr. So the default donation button remains on the main page, but the article specific buttons are now gone.
  • I removed the collection of shared items – my foot prints if you recall. With google reader gone and me not using twitter anymore it’s less likely that there is any interesting stuff on it, and sharing my foursquare logs etc does only do a little stuff. With all the call back links there was a bit of traffic and loads of spam. For now I have hidden all these posts, I might delete them one day forever. I might have messed up my timeline / feed though as my filter wasn’t correct initially.

Other changes

  • I removed a few plugins and polished some other things in the back end to improve the performance of my blog.
  • I added a new theme with a more lean layout.

Guess what, more is up to come.

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Apr 292011

If you google for a solution you will most likely end up with lots of recommendations how to add some code into your wordpress installation. I do not favor this solution as each update would require code modification again, and most likely I would forget. Having Feedburner for the blog feed anyway, I choosed an easier way. At Feedburner I edited my blog feed URL and added ?&cat=-10 at the end. So instead of containing all posts, the weekly feed aggregation is now excluded. 

The current feed will contain only hand-written articles, if you want to subscribe the full feed just use this URL instead

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Jul 132010

For those who remember: in about 2001 I registered my first own domain for my third private web site: The first one I remember was on Lycos (no link as they died and just the name remained).

Embarrassingly has the history of between 2001 and 2004. Back in the late 1990s / early 2000s it was all about self coded stuff. So I had as first site in plain HTML, later a bit more advanced using CSS and colors. Back in these days there was no WYSIWYG; template frameworks were just in an early stage. SelfHTML has been my source of knowledge ever since. Later I used templates maintained with a tool – basically a text editor with some scripts (don’t remember the name). I played a short while with self hacked php pages which I maintained with Dreamweaver 4.0 templates.

… and got annoyed of all the stupid efforts, especially as it got more and more painful to do all the different
browser support. Eventually I grew up and decided to care for content, not for the code behind. I started with the Serendipity blog system for a while. It was good for the beginning, but the upgrade process was painful (manual!), there weren’t as many plugins available and I don’t even remember about themes and what management tools were like. I am quite sure they improved a lot in the past 5 years, but I am fan-boy of another blog system. As thoms kept trying convincing me that WordPress is the blog software, I installed it in the mid 2000s and I am happy since.

Unfortunately I decided to change my hoster at some point and so my precious domain got another (evil) hoster who didn’t get it managed to release the domain since about 3 years ago. I frequently checked if I eventually can take it again and now – almost exactly 3 years later is mine again. Hurray!

This was the original welcome site i designed. I even created the image myself with a tool I completely forgot and skills I unfortunately have lost.

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Jul 132010

I just read an excellent article about WordPress security [german]. It also linked to this article [english] which gives a pretty good summary of what an admin should (could) do.

I double checked and installed a few plugins:

I have also installed HTML tidy as Firefox addon to verify the resulting HTML pages.

A quick check this morning got me a thumbs-up; everything is fine. Hurray!

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Jul 112010 forwards now to, as well as a few other addresses. If you experience any 404 error messages feel free to empty your browser cache. I hope there aren’t any inconveniences, if there are feel free to ping me on twitter,, facebook or via mail if you belong to the chosen one’s who own this secret knowledge.

Anyways, stay tuned!

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