Feb 292012

A while ago I decided to drop out of social networks as the amount of information was just overwhelming and checking facebook, google+, following on twitter did take up more and more time of a day and became quite distracting. Then there were also those other reasons such as I didn’t like that the UI constantly changed so that I didn’t find the information or needed to reconfigure views; in addition the Facebook privacy policy really turned me off. For now I focus on direct contacts in real life, IM or mail and when I think I have something interesting to share I put it on my blog. Less noise, more valuable communication.

Yesterday I found a pretty funny comic here, basically outlining what I felt all along.


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Apr 302011

Jim planned to do some breakfast and asked me what I would like. I hadn’t had a boiled egg in ages, so I was asking him for a soft-boiled egg for me. As he – as a good cook as he is – doesn’t know how to cook these, the day started with Loriot, a German lesson and some facts about marriage which a freshly engaged couple would swear it will never happen to us…

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Apr 242011

I joined Flattr when the first beta accounts came out. Back then I did not activate my account simply because there wasn’t much coverage. This has changed in the past year. It’s not the average joe’s like me or thoms who make this concept of micropayment so successful, but the fact that many tier 1 blogs are there too. So feel free to register and share your love.

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Jul 162010

Having an Android
I just got the impression that I have a tiny computer which
looks like a brick and allows to make calls – once I figured out how to.
Why not doing the other way around and get a tiny laptop in the size
of a phone?

This little device can be bought for 99$ and comes
with a 3.0” color TFT display with 320 x 240 resolution, speaker,
microphone and a full qwerty keyboard (Full spec here)! The NanoNote
looks like a must have gadget. It’s awesome… like a baby laptop which
needs to grow – and it’s lighter than all of my mobile phones!

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Jul 162010

Jim just showed me the trailer for The Expendables, in there are acting lots of famous actors of my childhood: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham (the Crank guy), Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis etc. I don’t care for the story but I will definitively go and watch the movie. I mean.. they all! are in one! movie :)

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