Apr 292011

If you google for a solution you will most likely end up with lots of recommendations how to add some code into your wordpress installation. I do not favor this solution as each update would require code modification again, and most likely I would forget. Having Feedburner for the blog feed anyway, I choosed an easier way. At Feedburner I edited my blog feed URL and added ?&cat=-10 at the end. So instead of containing all posts, the weekly feed aggregation is now excluded. 

The current feed will contain only hand-written articles, if you want to subscribe the full feed just use this URL instead http://feeds.feedburner.com/frau-klein/EOUV.

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Apr 282011

As WordPress 3.1 supports excluding categories from the feed I wonder if anyone of you would be interested to have the weekly aggregation of feeds about shared / happened / twittered / foursquared items excluded from the feed. Just ping on twitter / via mail or comment if you want to keep or exclude this.


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Apr 272011

I was not happy about to realize that one of the last Apple updates updated maven to version 3. Maven in it’s new version does brake quite a few concepts which were in version 2, and maven does not go for downwards compatibility.

I had no issues with simple builds, but when I had a multi-module project which requires jars to be installed in the repository maven 3 just started throwing exceptions at me. As my clients still are on maven 2.0+ I was looking for a solution how to downgrade it.

It actually is fairly simple as the update adds a new maven version and modifies the default executable but it doesn’t uninstall previous versions. These steps will give you back what was yours before:

$ cd /usr/share/java
$ ls -q1 | grep maven
#check if your desired maven version is there

$ cd .. #go up
$ ls -l | grep maven
#check what current version is
maven -> java/maven-3.0.2
$ sudo rm maven #remove unwanted symlink
$ sudo ln -s java/maven-2.2.1 maven #set it to maven 2.2.1

That’s it. To test out if it runs or not just reopen Terminal and enter mvn -version and it will be now version 2.2.1 :)

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Apr 242011

I joined Flattr when the first beta accounts came out. Back then I did not activate my account simply because there wasn’t much coverage. This has changed in the past year. It’s not the average joe’s like me or thoms who make this concept of micropayment so successful, but the fact that many tier 1 blogs are there too. So feel free to register and share your love.

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Apr 242011

A few months ago I switched from Firefox to Chrome as browser, as it eats less resources and it’s kinda handy. Until now I still needed Firefox as a few of my favorite extensions weren’t available. Being jetlagged and having nothing else to do at 5AM I just took another look – and found quite a few little helpers:

  • Trashmail: Allows to create disposable addresses which expire after a number of mails or a given period. If you don’t want to share your email-address with certain websites which require you to login to gain some information or download or whatever you might want to have a look into that. There is no official chrome support but a nice fellow built an extension which works for me. 
  • Scribefire: blogging to wordpress w/o using wordpress admin interface. I used it quite a bit but since I moved to chrome I haven’t really blogged at all (except for once, and except for my new, secret blog :)). It’s available since ages from the looks of it, get the extension from here
  • Firebug: For work I need it and this has been the main reason for me to stick with Firefox. I just found this extension from the first look it does do the job.
  • I wish there was something like tabmix [firefox addon] for chrome. For now I installed a few extensions to allow quick access to open tabs (QuickTabs), to jump to recently used tabs (TabJump), to undo closed tabs (Sexy undo close tab) and to unify multiple Windows (Tab Manager).

Other extensions I am using:

And I installed a beautiful yet disturbing theme (it’s pink!) :) 

From the looks of it, I should be soon able to say, all I can do with Firefox, I can do with Chrome. I recently noticed though, that Chrome eats a lot of resources when you have multiple tabs open, also the tab management isn’t quite nice, it gets annoying if you have 40+tabs open.

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