Apr 302011

Ages ago I registered with Dropbox which is pretty cool for sharing and storing files online, I love the seamless file system integration, and if you consider storing confidential data there you might want to encrypt your stuff with truecrypt, if you need instructions see here for details. However, my available dropbox space is less than 5GB as I am on the free plan only, a few recommendations, the dropbox quests and some ohter tasks helped me to get there. To get 20GB or more I would need to go for a commercial plan, which I don’t want to do for now. 

To be able to back up and share documents and pictures online I was looking for a more space, and came across Wuala. It’s the same idea of cloud storage, just the way how to manage and sync the data is different, basically a fat client is required. So I miss the file system integration, and I don’t like that the client crashes/freezes when I am offline but within a very short period I earned already 20GB of space (thanks to a few referrals and Caschy’s list of Promo Codes [german]). So I am giving it a try as it works for what I want right now. Especiall as Wuala for Android got just released.

An overview over current sync services and their features you find in wikipedia, if you look for a summary click here [german].

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