Oct 102009

Hach… Scott Adams’ Dilbert, die Comic-Serie, der Daily Strip oder die Kalender… alles klasse. Neulich kam ich auf diese Designstudie, die ein menschenfreundliches Cubicle darstellt.

The result is a modular cubicle that allows each worker to select the
components from a “kit of parts” and create a space based on his or her
tastes and lifestyle. Practical considerations include modules for
seats, computers, displays, and lights; more whimsical modules provide
a hammock, an aquarium, and a hamster wheel. The project showcases
IDEO’s highly adaptable design process and uses humor and optimism to
explore the “blue sky” area between Dilbert’s problems and real-life
solutions available today.

Nicht zu vergessen dieses Kalenderblatt, dass mir einst ein Kunde aus dem geliebten Reading zusandte:

Popularity: 2% [?]

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