Jan 212010

I downloaded Talend Open Studio version 3.2.0. The vanilla installation doesn’t have a mac executable – my initial try getting a modified talend executable just ended up in errors.

Today I found some further information.

1. Fixing the executable

1. add executable flag (chmod +x) on
2. edit the Info.plist file in /TOS-All-r30698-V3.2.0/TalendOpenStudio-macosx-carbon.app/Contents
=> insert tag

=> modify tag

I still get an error message Invalid Thread Access. When I ignore it and try it again Talend Open Studio starts. Unfortunately it keeps predictably crashing by doing something.

Later I found another thread that recommends setting JDK 1.6 VM parameters additionally:

If you are running Java 1.6 by default, like I am, then you need to do the following.  Otherwise, skip down to step 9.
Right click on the TalendOpenStudio-macosx-carbon file (it should have
an Eclipse icon next to it) and choose “Show Package Contents” from the
7.) Open up the Contents -> Info.plist file.
8.) Scroll
down to the bottom of the file and you will see a key called Eclipse. 
It has an <array> node and says in the comment block: “to use a
specific Java version (instead of the platform’s default) uncomment one
of the following options:”.  I uncommented out the following line:
and then saved the file and closed it.

The error message still appears, TOS still crashes.

Now I am going to try out TOS 4.0.0 M2.

Download, unzip, the mac executable is executable by default. Hurray! But, alas! Clicking on it brings this error: The TalendOpenStudio-macosx-carbon executable launcher was unable to locate its companion launcher.jar. WTF? Mac OS is not officially supported in version 4. It is quite obvious why. Digging around brought me to this forum post that recommends to set the valid launcher in the eclipse.ini:
For a successfull launch, you have to update the following old lines in this ini file


with the following new lines:

Talend Open Studio starts without the invalid thread access message. Hurray! Doing my simple test lets it crash again:

  • add a new business model, add a data item, try to enter a name – crash
  • add a new job, try to search a component – no search box available.

I think it is a complete fail and not worth investigating any more. What a pity.

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