Jun 142010

I will have finished my around the world trip in 2 weeks time. What I didn’t pay attention before is the time zone differences and possible affects to me. In San Francisco I was 8 h behind Dublin, in Tokyo I am 8 h ahead, it’s 16h difference to San Francisco and i crossed the international date line yesterday. I refuse to think about which time would it be now in San Francisco or Dublin – just to not allow my body to recognize anything else but “day” and “night” “here” – meaning where ever I am.

This results into some funny conversation with boyfriend: what date is it for you? – Apparently one day earlier – also I am not sure when to say good night and when to say good morning. These things are not too tragic anyway. My epic fail I had last night – I was tired and went about 10 pm to bed, my alarm started at 7.15 and I didn’t feel awake at all. I tried to convince myself to get up which eventually happened at 8.15. I was surprised that I was so tired after 9h sleep, I wondered not too much why it was dark outside. Then I recognized on other devices different times, mostly showing it was around midnight. I got confused and pinged back to boy friend who confirmed that midnight it was. Apparently I forgot to adjust my alarm device to the current time zone. Fail.

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May 172010

Yesterday I had a really bad trip to London. I was arriving at abot 4.30 pm at the airport, just to read on the departure board that my flight was cancelled. When I got to speak to one of the Aer Lingus person I finally received the text giving me the slightly late cancellation notification. There was a queue of hundreds of people where I got sent to to wait to get further assistance. I went to another Aer Lingus service desk asking for additional service for frequent flyers. Nada. Nichts. Nope. I got the friendly advice that the internet is a faster way to get an alternative flight. Unfortunately my schedule didn’t allow just to wait until the airport reopens, especially as I wasn’t sure if I would get at the first flight out.

So I had a look to alternative options and learned a lot. Basically: there is no human friendly alternative. There is a late ferry to Holyhead  departing at 9pm. 4 h after landing in Holyhead there would have been a “connecting” direct train to London; as I didn’t want to spend 3 h in Holyhead at the mid of the night this wasn’t an option to go. There also hasn’t been a connected coach.

Lucky me, I found out that Dublin bus offered a 12 h 45 min direct trip between Dublin central bus station and London, Victoria station via ferry. Frankly the organization of the departure was chaotic – I bought 3 h prior to the trip my ticket but weren’t allowed to check in immediately, I was required to come back an hour later. I was wrong again when I expected that being checked in allows me to board. I needed to wait another hour in the bus station. Eventually the bus started – filled to the very last seat. Next to me sat a nice gentleman thanks to him time just flew by. Nevertheless, the bus wasn’t comfortable at all – not even arm rests between the seats – just to give you an impression: it was less comfort than in a Ryanair plane.

Before leaving the ferry the bus driver did something good: as there were 8 buses for the same way they just sorted people according to their destination, so I was on the bus which didn’t stop in Birmingham or Luton but got straight to London. Departing from the ferry at 1am I couldn’t easily fall asleep, as it was noisy, too warm and no space. At 4am the driver was required to do a 45 min break. Instead of silently leaving the bus he announced via speakers and then left the door open. I just used the opportunity to move and walk a bit. Back in the bus I couldn’t fall asleep anymore, sun was raising, random people were doing noises and the bus driver decided to listen to the radio for a bit. Eventually I arrived in London, got a taxi and got into the hotel for a 20 minutes power nap, a hot shower and a breakfast.

I am tired and not willing to move right now, and there are still 2 h to go for work. The hotel room was disappointing as there was no space whatsoever to put my clothes or my bag. I think I got lucky in the given circumstances by getting the bus, getting here in time and having nice company – nevertheless I just hope that something like this I have NEVER to do again!

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Mar 292010

Today I just flew out of Dublin – to be redirected back to Dublin after a couple of minutes – because of a broken door. Of course it couldn’t be worse, as I was supposed to pick up the “worldwide director of PS” in Heathrow to guide him savely through London to eventually get to Nottingham. Even better I can’t reach him on his mobile. Bad Monday morning!

Here my top 5 plane unexpected fails:
1. 2.5h being late because of a broken bulb in the cockpit which turned out not being broken, but the plane was. Departure after changing the plane.

2. 2h being late because of a plane not starting because there was a leak somewhere. After watching maintenance crew taking out and checking all bathroom components we eventually changed plane and departed.

3. Today’s fail: after 20 minutes in the air landing in Dublin again. Delay unknown (so far)

4. 30 min late after landing in Heathrow there wasn’t any gate available because of bad weather conditions, planes weren’t allowed to start. The captain solved this by “charming the ground crew” and getting a gate assigned.

5. 30 min late because not being allowed to start in Heathrow because the ground crew was required to chase a fox on the runway.

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Feb 272010

When I was in DC Airport I had a bit time to walk around. I kinda liked the Customer Service Area with broken, rebooting or closed desks only as well as the outdated information board.

Service desk fail I prefer humans when it comes to service…

Info board fail Slightly outdated…

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Jan 232010

Warum hoert man nur diese Sachen aus der Heimat?

Ich möchte das Reizende akzeptieren — aus Dresden. Ich weiß nicht, ob Michael das gewusst hat. Sie wissen: Er gab uns 39! Er gab sein Herz für die Menschen. Leute tanzten bei ihm. Und oftmals blieben sie noch bis zum nächsten Tag. Er freut sich, dass er so viel den Menschen hat geben können. Und seine Charity, von der er so viel gegeben hat. Er hat ein großes Herz, und das hat er den Menschen gegeben. Es zeigt die Güte. Sein Herz war so groß. Er dachte, alles. Meine Mutter, mein Bruder. Auch in anderen, verschiedenen Ländern. Meine Mutter würde schreien, mein Bruder würde schreien. (Unverständlich.) Lasst uns dafür etwas tun! Er würde sagen: Machen wir eine Spende. Und wir sollten den Kindern helfen. Kindern, die Liebe brauchen. Und das schon in einem jungen Alter, sehr jungen Alter. Zu spielen, mit ihnen sich hinsetzen. Und, er würde sagen: Ihr könnt noch jünger werden. Ihr könnt jünger bleiben. Kommt herein! Seid mit mir eine Familie. Das würde er sagen. Ich danke wirklich allen von Ihnen. In seinem Namen. Sein Lächeln. Das ist mit uns hier. Ich danke Ihnen so sehr. Ich. Es ist wunderbar. Danke schön.

(via Stefan Niggemeier)

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