Apr 242011

A few months ago I switched from Firefox to Chrome as browser, as it eats less resources and it’s kinda handy. Until now I still needed Firefox as a few of my favorite extensions weren’t available. Being jetlagged and having nothing else to do at 5AM I just took another look – and found quite a few little helpers:

  • Trashmail: Allows to create disposable addresses which expire after a number of mails or a given period. If you don’t want to share your email-address with certain websites which require you to login to gain some information or download or whatever you might want to have a look into that. There is no official chrome support but a nice fellow built an extension which works for me. 
  • Scribefire: blogging to wordpress w/o using wordpress admin interface. I used it quite a bit but since I moved to chrome I haven’t really blogged at all (except for once, and except for my new, secret blog :)). It’s available since ages from the looks of it, get the extension from here
  • Firebug: For work I need it and this has been the main reason for me to stick with Firefox. I just found this extension from the first look it does do the job.
  • I wish there was something like tabmix [firefox addon] for chrome. For now I installed a few extensions to allow quick access to open tabs (QuickTabs), to jump to recently used tabs (TabJump), to undo closed tabs (Sexy undo close tab) and to unify multiple Windows (Tab Manager).

Other extensions I am using:

And I installed a beautiful yet disturbing theme (it’s pink!) :) 

From the looks of it, I should be soon able to say, all I can do with Firefox, I can do with Chrome. I recently noticed though, that Chrome eats a lot of resources when you have multiple tabs open, also the tab management isn’t quite nice, it gets annoying if you have 40+tabs open.

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Nov 182009

I just installed it on another machine and started posting from there. I just setup the blog but didn’t check the settings again. As this machine is a bit slower I was surprised seeing ScribeFire adding a tracking information to my article which refered to zementa. I googled for it and learned about Web Bugs, how to disable tracking – settings > disable tracking will do it for you – and found this post about Scribefire, worth to read as it describes all features of this editor.

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Nov 122009

I was so close to loose all my data due to a broken hard drive in the mac. I just recognized I am not even aware of which Firefox plugins I installed. So here a list for me and for you and for everyone to not forget ;)

  • Ad Block Plus: Essential to get rid of all those annoying pop ups and banners. Every now and so often I use Chrome and then I am shocked how different some of the pages look. A must-have! [link]
  • Delicious Bookmarks: Easy access to all bookmarks and one button for tagging pages. If you have a Delicious account another must-have for you. [link]
  • Faviconize Tabs: I love it. I am used to have lots of tabs open. I hate scrolling for tabs. Faviconize allows you to define pattern which tabs get reduced to their favicon. It allows wildcards, so I set it e. g. for “http://*.google.com/*” etc. Very nice. [link]
  • Google Gears: it is required for Gmail offline, Greader offline, WordPress has some weird support for it – if you are using gears supported sites you should go for it. [link]
  • Omnibar: I love it! It unifies the search box and the address bar as you might know it from chromium.  [link]
  • Read it later: If you don’t have time for now but definitively want to go through something read it later is perfect. You just tag a page and it gets into your read it later list. This one can be sync’d between computers. The only disadvantage is: there is no later… [link]
  • Scribefire: That’s the tool which I use to write all my blog entries. I like it because it is an easy to use blog client. There are a few things which could be better, such as picture upload, tag management, additional commands for posting etc. But for now it is fine. [link]
  • Tab Mix Plus: Advanced tab management, a better-than-the-built-in session management, 3 tabs for open tabs. Quite nice to have. [link]

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