Feb 062012
  1. Prime directive: Make Mr Tang happy.
  2. Get a house and build a home for The Tangs. We actually started it. Today we lost our favorite house in a bidding war. That quite hurts, especially as I had the extensions and garden architecture scoped out in my mind already. We are bidding now on another house and I guess Jim doesn’t like it as much anymore because I considered the hillside yard to be an interesting location to build a bunker.
  3. Answer private mails. I skipped all the online social network broadcasting and replaced them with real people contacts, however I still suck at answering mails from people that matter.
  4. Live healthy. Less restaurant food during work trips, less pub o’clock till Ian o’clock and beyond on Fridays, less red meat, more naturally riped fruits and vegetables and lots of fibers. Also, I need to get rid of my recently discovered liking for Butler’s chocolate. Do more exercises, at least 30 min walk a day.
  5. Spend less, save more. Do something to cover my pension. Husband’s b-day words are unforgotten: “16 more years and you’ll be 50.” When did I age that much… I felt I was 20-something. Now I need to take care of future me to save her from the streets, evil offspring and public social care for elderly people. 
  6. Throw *the* 60th and 70th birthday party for my parents :)
  7. Re-factor my blog. It’s a mess, I admit. Also, write more articles. I guess, with the next weeks in lovely suburbian Bristol, beautiful Birmingham and some random London suburb I will have lots of time for it.

I guess (1) is the most difficult, (2) is commit goal for The Tangs, (3) takes most time, (4) has it’s 20th anniversary on this list, (5) continues from the past 2 years, (6) is already in progress, (7) will most likely be actually done by end of this year.

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Feb 262010

…  new! New blog, new theme, new set of plugins, even a new domain. Frau Klein is gone .org

I have gotten greedy about features and decided to get another package provided from my hoster. I have more privileges to change everything and I can play around as much as I want. For the next weeks the new blog is going to be beta status until I finally make the transition to disable the old one. Previews and comments are welcome.

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Old Stuff


Here is a collection of old stuff. Most likely unmaintained, german and maybe even broken. You might want to give it a try to dive into the past.

[stats_pluginsused] If you are interested which ones, just have look here.


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2. Jahrestag

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Sep 062009

Alle Jahre wieder: dieser Blog lebt schon seit 2 Jahren. Teilweise siecht er dahin, hat mittlerweile arg Konkurrenz erhalten, und die ganzen Microblogging und Web 2.0 Services machen ihm auch zu schaffen. Mangels Bequemlichkeit und Unlust, das aktuelle Provider package zu wechseln, wird dieser Blog voraussichtlich einen weiteren Rekord in meinen bisherigen web *huestel* auftritten haben: die laengste Lebensdauer.

zum Jahrestag gab es heute: ein upgrade auf die aktuelle blog software, aktualisierte plugins, ein neues theme und das beim Herrn Baer beneidete Wibiya plugin. Ausserdem installierte ich einen Desktop client, in der Annahme, kuenftig mehr zu tippern.

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