Feb 292012

A while ago I decided to drop out of social networks as the amount of information was just overwhelming and checking facebook, google+, following on twitter did take up more and more time of a day and became quite distracting. Then there were also those other reasons such as I didn’t like that the UI constantly changed so that I didn’t find the information or needed to reconfigure views; in addition the Facebook privacy policy really turned me off. For now I focus on direct contacts in real life, IM or mail and when I think I have something interesting to share I put it on my blog. Less noise, more valuable communication.

Yesterday I found a pretty funny comic here, basically outlining what I felt all along.


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Apr 302011


No, <name>, I don’t believe that. - Nein, <name>, das glaube ich nicht.
No, <name>, it doesn’t work like that. - Nein, <name>, das funktioniert so nicht. 
No, <name>, you should think about this again. - Nein, <name>, darueber solltest Du noch mal nachdenken.
No, <name>, I doubt that. - Nein, <name>, das bezweifele ich. 
No, <name>, do you think I am stupid? – Nein, <name>, haeltst Du mich fuer bloed?

This small list got assembled on demand for my husband to be in preparation for one of his up-coming work meetings. Contributions are welcome :)

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Apr 302011

Jim planned to do some breakfast and asked me what I would like. I hadn’t had a boiled egg in ages, so I was asking him for a soft-boiled egg for me. As he – as a good cook as he is – doesn’t know how to cook these, the day started with Loriot, a German lesson and some facts about marriage which a freshly engaged couple would swear it will never happen to us…

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