Jul 162010

Having an Android
I just got the impression that I have a tiny computer which
looks like a brick and allows to make calls – once I figured out how to.
Why not doing the other way around and get a tiny laptop in the size
of a phone?

This little device can be bought for 99$ and comes
with a 3.0” color TFT display with 320 x 240 resolution, speaker,
microphone and a full qwerty keyboard (Full spec here)! The NanoNote
looks like a must have gadget. It’s awesome… like a baby laptop which
needs to grow – and it’s lighter than all of my mobile phones!

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May 292010

Yesterday I decided to get a mobile contract basically to get rid of all the hassle regarding roaming in UK. Even though I passionately hate them I eventually ended up with 3, from what I know there is no other provider offering a comparable package. When I got to the shop I was asking for Android devices and laid my eyes on a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and couldn’t take them off the phone anymore. It seemed to be quite neat…

I just went outside and searched for some reviews
and opinions,
a quick read through them proofed, that I was going to get an awesome
device. I got it and spend basically the day playing with it. I also had
pretty good experience with Sony’s P910
– the first smart phone worth to mention. Maybe the only – really odd
fact about it is that it is still running on Android 1.6 – a migration
to 2.1 will happen in autumn this year.

Due to a lack of food in the fridge we had to go shopping and so it happened that we accidentally run into google boy with whom I got lost into a device + tools + gadget chat. Most interesting service he introduced me was the Google Latitude Dashboard, once having enabled location history one can track his trips and locations and analyze these. A bit too much Big Brother-ish for Jimmy’s liking, but nevertheless interesting.

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Pimp my Googlemail

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Feb 142009

Pimp my googlemail ui

Nachdem ich faul ward und Mails nur noch ueber Web lesen mochte, anstelle diese wild auf verschiedenen Geraeten hin und her zu synchronisieren, hab ich GMail ein bisschen aufgehuebscht und dabei nette Features entdeckt.

Was es derzeit tut: Einsammeln all meiner Mails von anderen Accounts per POP, ein paar Filter werden angewendet und somit wird alles brav mittels verschiedener Labels automatisch getaggt und somit sortiert. Dazu verwende ich den Offline Modus und ein paar Erweiterungen aus den Labs.

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