Jul 132010

For those who remember: in about 2001 I registered my first own domain for my third private web site: http://kerstinklein.de. The first one I remember was on Lycos (no link as they died and just the name remained).

Embarrassingly web.archive.org has the history of kerstinklein.de between 2001 and 2004. Back in the late 1990s / early 2000s it was all about self coded stuff. So I had as first site in plain HTML, later a bit more advanced using CSS and colors. Back in these days there was no WYSIWYG; template frameworks were just in an early stage. SelfHTML has been my source of knowledge ever since. Later I used templates maintained with a tool – basically a text editor with some scripts (don’t remember the name). I played a short while with self hacked php pages which I maintained with Dreamweaver 4.0 templates.

… and got annoyed of all the stupid efforts, especially as it got more and more painful to do all the different
browser support. Eventually I grew up and decided to care for content, not for the code behind. I started with the Serendipity blog system for a while. It was good for the beginning, but the upgrade process was painful (manual!), there weren’t as many plugins available and I don’t even remember about themes and what management tools were like. I am quite sure they improved a lot in the past 5 years, but I am fan-boy of another blog system. As thoms kept trying convincing me that WordPress is the blog software, I installed it in the mid 2000s and I am happy since.

Unfortunately I decided to change my hoster at some point and so my precious kerstinklein.de domain got another (evil) hoster who didn’t get it managed to release the domain since about 3 years ago. I frequently checked if I eventually can take it again and now – almost exactly 3 years later kerstinklein.de is mine again. Hurray!

This was the original welcome site i designed. I even created the image myself with a tool I completely forgot and skills I unfortunately have lost.

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