Jun 132010

When my brother came over for a few days we provided the full The-Tang-Frau-Klein Dublin experience:

  • Friday after work pints at O’Neils on Pearse St followed by random food at home
  • Saturday first Howth, then late lunch during which Jose took brudi to the book of Kells, then a pub crawl through random pubs including The Church, Portherhouse at Temple Bar, Bull and Castle, The Bank etc… of course Brudi got also the desired fish and chips at Leo Burdock’s
  • Sunday we basically tried to get rid of the impacts of the volcanic ash cloud partially covering southern France.

It was a great weekend, I am looking forward going to Aix en Provence in early August :)

Friday night at O'NeilsWindmill Lane, Old U2 StudiosBrudi at PearseThe Bloody Stream in HowthThe Bloody Stream in HowthOystersOystersFishmonger in HowthFishmonger in HowthSeals at HowthHowth viewsHowth viewHowth Light HouseHowth Light HouseBrudi and meBest of human raceFishmonger in HowthHowth MapKrickett at Trinity CollegeTrinity CollegeStiffed prawnsAfter LunchTalbot StDublin City CenterBrudi at the SpireAren't we cute :)DublinShoesThe Church Pub insideBrudiFamous peopleAnother pic of the SpireLiffey in the eveningThe Porterhouse in Temple BarLife Music at Porterhouse in Temple BarThe Porterhouse in Temple BarBull And Castle PubChrist Church at night fallDirections in Bull and CastleBeers at Bull and CastleConversationsDublin at nightDublin at nightDublin at nightComfort to goThe Temple Bar at NightGraffiti in Temple BarGraffiti in Temple BarDublin at nightDublin at nightThe Stag's HeadDream team at The BankAfter a pub crawlMolly MaloneBrudi

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Jun 082010

Recently friends came over from Dresden for a weekend. To entertain them a bit we brought them to Bray to walk to Greystones and the next day to the fish market in Howth. The day in Bray was wonderful, I enjoyed the silence, the nature, the absence of insects. The flip side of it was that I got sunburned – worse than ever in the past 10 years. I followed the lobster pattern: red – peel – white. It took more than a week to get back to normal.

Nevertheless, Bray is beautiful. So, when I am back home, the weather is sunny and warm, when there aren’t any duties and Jim and I aren’t too lazy then I want to go there again for a pick-nick – even though it just sounds like it’s never going to happen under these *difficult* circumstances. The walk to Greystones was terrific for about 80% of the distance. As there are many building works going on related to the re-newed Greystones port, the last bit of the walk is odd – along building fences and far away from the sea. It might be a better idea next time to start in Greystones and to walk back to Bray.

Howth on a Sunday is just beautiful, although Jim and I seem to get really lazy – it usually starts with random snacks at the fish market, followed by buying fresh fish at the mongers and ending having oysters and a pint in the Bloody Stream before heading back to Dublin. This time we were just a bit better by walking up to the town, challenged by trying to avoid the sun as I was already glowing pink in the dark – being sunburned sucks!

Anyways, some nice shots attached.


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