Oct 262009

Dauert eine Weile zum laden, sicher einen Blick wert, wenn ich nicht ueber eine 14baud Leitung zum Internet verbunden bin: Classic Cinema Online.

Whether you’re in the mood for some classic animation or some old-school spooky films to get you in that Halloween spirit, Classic Cinema Online has hundreds of films in dozens of categories.

Classic films have a certain charm to them, the small budgets, simple special effects, and archaic dialogue all lend themselves to creating a sort of celluloid-quaintness that tends to get lost in modern “Is that real or CGI?” blockbusters.

Classic Cinema Online has gathered together hundreds of films in categories ranging from Action to Westerns and even old cinema shorts and news reels. They routinely feature selections of movies based on the time of year, holidays, and other notable events. This week of course it’s classic spooky, scary, and supernatural movies in honor of Halloween’s approach. Even if you’re somewhere you can’t sit down and watch a film from yesteryear, browsing the awesome movie posters is worth the price—free!—of admission.

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Oct 242009

Hm, eigentlich wollte ich vor einer halben Stunde los, aber das Projekt klingt dann doch zu interessant. Zur Einstimmung ein Video.

Das klingt interessant, ich werde es heute Nacht installieren und checken.

Gefunden auf Lifehacker, auf der Projektseite gibt es mehr Informationen.

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Oct 212009

I just have 200MB desired data on a crap old lenovo laptop at home. Just for fun I wanted to know the distance between Dublin and Singapore. I Google‘d for it, used Google Maps and WolframAlpha.

Google brings a list of results, the first one actually contains the desired information. Google Maps also returnes the value of about 11.190 km.

I like the result presentation from WolframAlpha:

  • it shows how it interpreted the query: it turned it into the desired information
  • it shows the result on top: 6960 miles, but also offers conversations into other units.
  • it shows a lot of additional information.
  • it offers me different Dublin’s to choose from.
  • if WolframAlpha isn’t sure about the query it tries to guess and lets you choose.

Every now and again I used WolframAlpha – especially when it comes to present something fancy with JasperServer dashboards or basic questions like what time is in a specific city, I would also get information about the time zone.

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