Aug 162012

It happens quite regularly that I need to extract a JAR or WAR file for a brief inspection. Of course I can do it on command line however, when operating in Finder I wanted to get something that just unarchives a selected file by mouse click. 

To achieve this I used for the very first time Automator, a tool I didn’t really think would be providing a solution to any of my needs. What I did do:

  • Open Automator
  • New > Service
  • In the drop down menus choose in Service receives selected files or folders in
  • In Actions search for Run Shell Script and double click on it
    • enter this as command line unzip -n “$1″ -d “$1″.zip
    • select for Pass input as arguments
  • Click on Save and give a name, e.g. Extract Archive

To verify:

  • Open Finder
  • Right click any archive
  • In the context menu select Services > Extract Archive

Note: As a filetype cannot be selected the menu is available for all files and folders. If you select something that is not a extractable with unzip you’ll see an error message.

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Mavenator – part I

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Jul 152010

Due to a longer term project engagements I had some time to freshen up my Java skills and code a bit. I need to write a couple of patches which will be installed as an overlay patch to a standard product platform. After I structured my projects and modules I tried to manage everything with Maven to one binary patch file. I keep forgetting how painful it is setting up a complex project with modules and a certain deployment structure with Maven and using it in Eclipse. Right now I get everything but the desired bundling. I guess I will read up a bit more and continue this post tomorrow.

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May 142009

bin gerade ueber diesen tweet gestolpert:

  • Chuck Norris can make a class that is both abstract and final.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t deploy web applications, he roundhouse kicks them into the server.
  • Chuck Norris can hit you so hard your web app will turn into a swing application…
  • A synchronize doesn’t protect against Chuck Norris, if he wants the object, he takes it.
  • Chuck Norris methods doesn’t catch exceptions becuase no one has the guts to throw any at them.
  • Chuck Norris is the only one who can use goto and const in Java.
  • Java visibility levels are public, default, protected, private and “protected by Chuck Norris”, don’t try to access a field with this last modifier!!
  • When a CPU load a Chuck Norris class file, it doubles the speed.
  • JVM never throws exceptions to Chuck Norris, not anymore. 753 killed Sun engineers is enough.

    die komplette liste gibt es hier.

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