Jul 062010

So, the Tang has an intervalometer now. And a DSLR. And he likes cooking. He just published his first timelapse video about cooking a chicken. I WISH I WERE HOME. I would play with the cam, I would eat the chicken and maybe distract the Tang. Have a look at “Jimmy cooking”

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Jun 082010

Recently friends came over from Dresden for a weekend. To entertain them a bit we brought them to Bray to walk to Greystones and the next day to the fish market in Howth. The day in Bray was wonderful, I enjoyed the silence, the nature, the absence of insects. The flip side of it was that I got sunburned – worse than ever in the past 10 years. I followed the lobster pattern: red – peel – white. It took more than a week to get back to normal.

Nevertheless, Bray is beautiful. So, when I am back home, the weather is sunny and warm, when there aren’t any duties and Jim and I aren’t too lazy then I want to go there again for a pick-nick – even though it just sounds like it’s never going to happen under these *difficult* circumstances. The walk to Greystones was terrific for about 80% of the distance. As there are many building works going on related to the re-newed Greystones port, the last bit of the walk is odd – along building fences and far away from the sea. It might be a better idea next time to start in Greystones and to walk back to Bray.

Howth on a Sunday is just beautiful, although Jim and I seem to get really lazy – it usually starts with random snacks at the fish market, followed by buying fresh fish at the mongers and ending having oysters and a pint in the Bloody Stream before heading back to Dublin. This time we were just a bit better by walking up to the town, challenged by trying to avoid the sun as I was already glowing pink in the dark – being sunburned sucks!

Anyways, some nice shots attached.


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Apr 212010

Just came across boyfriend’s recent blog entry about raw converters. Not only a pic of me was taken to describe the differences in raw processing tools, boyfriend also stated “but Frau Klein looks much better in the ufraw processed image“… and he locked the comments.

So here some clarification: Frau Klein looks much better in real life.

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Jan 212010

oder auch 5525 Photos spaeter… das wird eine Lebensaufgabe, diese Bilder zu sortieren, kategoriesieren, taggen, hochzuladen und zu pflegen. Es gab so viele verschiedene Eindruecke und fuer mich aussergewoehnliche Erlebnisse, sehr viel privates, zu persoenlich, um das oeffentlich zu sharen und so weiter. Ich glaube, das wird noch Ewigkeiten dauern, bis ich da halbwegs durch bin.

Auch die Bilder von Singapore wollte ich noch zu Flickr hochladen, auf Picassa ist nicht genug Platz. Auch da sind es letztendlich weit ueber 2000 Bilder.

iPhoto stoesst da klar an die Grenzen. Ueber Picasa bin ich mir auch nicht ganz im Klaren ob ich es mag, oder nicht. Ich werde es ausprobieren zusammen mit dem Picasa2flickr Uploadr. Dieser Workflow klingt ganz brauchbar.

Der erste Upload war erfolgreich, mal sehen, wie es weiter geht ;)

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