Mar 042010

I just read here about TeamViewer. TeamViewer allows you to remotely access your machine. I tried out to access my MacBook Pro from my iPhone using the TeamViewer iPhone app. I consider it using as another iPhone remote control to the MacBook, apparently TeamViewer has much more features, which remind me of WebEx or Acrobat Connect.

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Feb 212010

Just because I wasn’t satisfied with existing Flickr tools and services I played this afternoon a bit with the Flickr API.  I wanted to create a simple client for Flickr which generates HTML code containing a matrix of squares for my blog. After uploading and configuring a set I want to include the squares view into a posting the way I want and ideally without manual steps.

What did I do?

  • First of all I got a Flickr API key for private usage
  • On the Flickr API overview page  I found a Java implementation of the Flickr services which I downloaded
  • I created a new Java project and just looked at the provided sample code. I used the authentication sample for authorizing my application with my flickr account. For that I used the apiKey and the secret code flickr provided.
  • now I just picked the methods I wanted to use and build my application.

That’s all.

The first result is just here:

Windmill Lane
View from Sean O'Casey Bridge to Samuel Beckett Bridge
The Liffey

What next?
To be honest, nothing much is left to do. I will work a bit on the HTML and I might reconsider the configuration. For now I am happy.

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Feb 052010

Designed by the Digital Media Design Department at Hongik University in Korea, the Mask Of Emotion mimics your facial expressions and translates them into LED pixel emoticons. If you frown, the mask changes the LED design to a slanted frown as it sees fit. Designed to hide emotion and spark public response, the Mask of Emotion fills us with scary thoughts about the future of human emotional communication.

(found here)

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