Apr 302011

Jim planned to do some breakfast and asked me what I would like. I hadn’t had a boiled egg in ages, so I was asking him for a soft-boiled egg for me. As he – as a good cook as he is – doesn’t know how to cook these, the day started with Loriot, a German lesson and some facts about marriage which a freshly engaged couple would swear it will never happen to us…

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Jul 062010

So, the Tang has an intervalometer now. And a DSLR. And he likes cooking. He just published his first timelapse video about cooking a chicken. I WISH I WERE HOME. I would play with the cam, I would eat the chicken and maybe distract the Tang. Have a look at “Jimmy cooking”

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Mar 042010

I just came across the Prince of Persia movie trailer here. I didn’t know that there will be a movie about one of my favorite dos games from the mid nineties of the past millenium.

The movie is produced by Disney studios, director is Jerry Bruckheimer. Release date is May 28 2010. It must be a bad time for hHollywood, it seems all good ideas are gone. I wonder what the next movie will be. I wonder if they will release Soul Calibur the movie one day …

Anyways… here are the Prince of Persia trailers:

Trailer II

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie Behind the Scenes (Promo) – “Creating an Epic” Featurette

Trailer I

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in HD

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