Oct 102009

In two articles I was ranting about Mac and Mail and my issues to get it working: here part I: desperation and part II: a first guess about the cause.

Right now I think I know the cause and have a work around: As I am working most time remotely I was connected to the company network via VPN via IPSec using the Cisco VPN client. Whenever I got connected the mail server settings got invalid, the SMTP server IP (not its address) changed to an internal one. Mac OSX seems to cache it somehow. Meanwhile the VPN configuration in the company got changed, now VPN works via SSL and I am using the CISCO AnyConnect Client instead. Now I don’t have an issue anymore – as long as I work remote.

Getting back into the office forces me to remove the settings for the SMTP server and add it again. There seems to be some timeout. When I tried it out it sent mails properly after a couple of minutes. Annoying, but as I usually don’t work in the office, it is ok for me.

As client I am still using Mac Mail. As of now there are only a few things I need to find an improvement for:

  • I can’t add IMAP folders, right now I’m forced to log in via the web client to solve it.
  • It doesn’t save the display settings per folder.
  • The Growl integration doesn’t work.

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Sep 242009

Right now I’m getting an idea what could cause the trouble. It seems to be related to the VPN connection I’m using to connect to the company’s network. Some of the used mail clients seem to get confused as soon as I connect or disconnect to one of the VPN’s as then the mail server’s IP changes. Entourage seems to be less confusable than Mac Mail. I’m looking for confirmation and workarounds now.

And yes, maybe I’m an idiot. I’m just learning some basics about IMAP. Sometimes it is required to
subscribe folders. Done this in Entourage and have seen my full folder
tree. Guess what I see them in Thunderbird too – and I still don’t like it.

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