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Oct 212009

I just have 200MB desired data on a crap old lenovo laptop at home. Just for fun I wanted to know the distance between Dublin and Singapore. I Google‘d for it, used Google Maps and WolframAlpha.

Google brings a list of results, the first one actually contains the desired information. Google Maps also returnes the value of about 11.190 km.

I like the result presentation from WolframAlpha:

  • it shows how it interpreted the query: it turned it into the desired information
  • it shows the result on top: 6960 miles, but also offers conversations into other units.
  • it shows a lot of additional information.
  • it offers me different Dublin’s to choose from.
  • if WolframAlpha isn’t sure about the query it tries to guess and lets you choose.

Every now and again I used WolframAlpha – especially when it comes to present something fancy with JasperServer dashboards or basic questions like what time is in a specific city, I would also get information about the time zone.

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