Apr 292011

If you google for a solution you will most likely end up with lots of recommendations how to add some code into your wordpress installation. I do not favor this solution as each update would require code modification again, and most likely I would forget. Having Feedburner for the blog feed anyway, I choosed an easier way. At Feedburner I edited my blog feed URL and added ?&cat=-10 at the end. So instead of containing all posts, the weekly feed aggregation is now excluded. 

The current feed will contain only hand-written articles, if you want to subscribe the full feed just use this URL instead http://feeds.feedburner.com/frau-klein/EOUV.

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Jul 132010

I just read an excellent article about WordPress security [german]. It also linked to this article [english] which gives a pretty good summary of what an admin should (could) do.

I double checked and installed a few plugins:

I have also installed HTML tidy as Firefox addon to verify the resulting HTML pages.

A quick check this morning got me a thumbs-up; everything is fine. Hurray!

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Jul 122010

Due to my recent blog upgrade I looked for new themes I could use, I have only a few requirements: 3 columns, dynamic width and no images or eye-hurting colors. I found my F2 theme which I like because it matches all of the above desires and I like the selected colors.

During my evaluation I found a few other themes which were similar:

Ad Simple(Download)
Blue Lucas(Download)
Jules Joffrin(Download)
Multiflex 4(Download)
revolution code blue(Download)
WP Framework(Download)

Initially I wanted to comment this on this blog post, but as it got twice deleted as spam (it hurts!) I did my own post inspired by admartinator’s article Minimalistische WordPress-Themes | admartinator.de. He lists a few more minimalistic themes.

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Feb 262010

…  new! New blog, new theme, new set of plugins, even a new domain. Frau Klein is gone .org

I have gotten greedy about features and decided to get another package provided from my hoster. I have more privileges to change everything and I can play around as much as I want. For the next weeks the new blog is going to be beta status until I finally make the transition to disable the old one. Previews and comments are welcome.

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Old Stuff


Here is a collection of old stuff. Most likely unmaintained, german and maybe even broken. You might want to give it a try to dive into the past.

[stats_pluginsused] If you are interested which ones, just have look here.


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