Feb 202011

the last weeks i had a lot of intense dreams, some of them kept me switching between sleeping and being awake. today i woke up at 10 and all i could think was WTF. Being hunted by zombies all night it takes a bit to get acquainted to a morning in a Malaysian bungalow overseeing nature and a fountain…

I had a weird dream about apocalypse. first we were hunted by some police organization and i was hijacking boats and planes just to get not killed, then, when trying to kickoff a plane which starts from water the hunt changed, there were two sorts of people hunting. and so hunters got hunted, too by zombies. yeah.. i dreamed of zombies taking over the world. however, they were much more aesthetic than the zombies you know from tv, they had black eyeballs and they weren’t dead, they also did not suck brains. they just assimilated others and then you were screwed. thankfully they were easy to kill. when the hunt changed into running away from zombies there was a rumor that in ca. 2 days running to the north there was a safe place, so we did. unfortunately, when jumping into a pond our third member got assimilated, we killed a few zombies additionally to those who were in the way and kept running. arrived in the north there were a couple of towns, and when it turned night we needed to hide in the left houses, there were beds containing sarcophagus where we usually slept. but then the next night in another town we discovered a potentially additional enemy. there humans, safe and machines (to be clearly mostly kitchen utensils) were the main supply for everything. just as an example, when i discovered the machines, a group of people living there demonstrated that the machine could turn a potato (and everything else) into something different. The first demonstration was turning a potato into a chopped apple. I didn’t believe and so I let turn an old shoe into foie gras. Looked a bit different but the flavors were ok. the scary part there was that humans seemed to be grateful and totally dependent on the machines. No fears about zombies, no feeling of dependency.

Then I woke up, realized it was 10AM and run down to the breakfast. So, basically I dreamed a mixture of zombies, terminator and wall-e. Big WTF.

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Apr 152010

How to explain a 5 year old that we will arrive 2 days later because a Volcano in Iceland exploded?

My flight tomorrow morning got canceled, now I hope to fly out on Saturday evening. The trend looks scary where the dust cloud goes, I hope I can fly out at all, otherwise I might have to move my Dresden trip.

Looking at the meteorologic maps I am not too convinced this is actually going to be happen.

(latest map)

(map from yesterday)

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Mar 072010

… and already pissed off. just passed dublin airport security and got taken away my new roll of duct tape. I got told it was never allowed to be taken on board on the other hand I carried always a role with me since Lufthansa broke my checked in luggage last year May. Since then I have been on at least 20 trips, some of them to US and never got told that this is an forbidden item. Did they hit insanity? I travel from Ireland to Germany, there is no security risk what so ever. Ireland is close to its economic break down and can’t do anything bad to any country at all. Also, Irish are well known for keeping terrorism on their own island. So… WTF?

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Mar 042010

I just came across the Prince of Persia movie trailer here. I didn’t know that there will be a movie about one of my favorite dos games from the mid nineties of the past millenium.

The movie is produced by Disney studios, director is Jerry Bruckheimer. Release date is May 28 2010. It must be a bad time for hHollywood, it seems all good ideas are gone. I wonder what the next movie will be. I wonder if they will release Soul Calibur the movie one day …

Anyways… here are the Prince of Persia trailers:

Trailer II

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie Behind the Scenes (Promo) – “Creating an Epic” Featurette

Trailer I

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in HD

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